Monday, September 13, 2010

It is now day 3

So here it is, my first post on the blog... for all to see :)

Day 1 ~ Saturday, September 11, 2010
The Weigh-In
Today I had to go in at 7:30am to bring my $$$ raised and get weighed and measured. I was really anxious going in, but when I got there, I was excited and totally at ease. The people in line with me had a mixture of sheer fear and excitement that was kind of hilarious to watch. I don't mean that I thought they were funny, I just mean that I was able to step outside and see the whole thing from a bird's-eye view to just put it all in perspective. Today is the first day of the rest of my life - only healthier :)

Everyone was totally cool during the whole weigh and measure thing, taking it lightly and being really supportive. I actually lost a little over 3 pounds since the first time they weighed me which shocked me given the way I ate last week. I was like a person who knows they will never eat again. I was going to every restaurant that I loved and had my favorites because I won't have them maybe ever.

The Kickoff
I had to come back at 4pm to the big shindig kickoff of the challenge, where we were to learn who our trainers were, team-mates and get some more details on when our workouts will be, etc. This kickoff was open to all friends and family too. Ashley and Flo came with me and were my cheering section :). I think there were a good 250 people there - both contestants and their support. They also announced the top earners for the charity portion - and who got immunity for the first 2 weeks. A whopping 12 of us were singled out. I (of course) was one of them.

I'm part of the Sand Team, with Tiffany and Fransisco as my trainers. Before they announced my name, Ashley had just told me that she hoped I would be part of that team because they seemed really outgoing and competitive. She was right! When my team met for the first time right after the ceremony, Tiffany dived right in with all the details, introductions, etc. With a team of almost 100 people, she has to lay down the law early and set the tone. We already had a few stragglers not paying attention - and this was the easy part! Oh boy - just wait till the first challenge!!!

Went to spin class after the weigh-in to get my workout on... Was a good class! Ate well today - good day!

Day 2 ~ Sunday
Today went well - went to the gym w/flo to do some cardio. I was a bit sore from yesterday, but it was all good. Eating went well today, allthough I can't seem to get all the calories I'm supposed to get - and I was very satisfied all day! All in all - good day!

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