Sunday, September 26, 2010

Catching up

Wow what a week! I know, I know, I haven't been writing. Gotta get back into this. So last week I was afraid of hurting my knee so I was so careful.

Nutrition class at 7pm, so I did a walk workout during lunch and after work. Light and easy - knee was hurting kinda this day. Food was good, got all my calories in :)

I ran on the knee during the Tuesday PM workout - which felt good at the time, but the day after it killed me. Tuesday lunch I met with the Abbott trainer Mary who kicked my ass with a 1 1/2 hour workout - 45 min cardio and 45 min weights - arms.

Swim for 60 min at the gym pool after work. Felt great in the pool, and when I got out holy shit! I was hurting from head to toe. Muscles I didn't realize I had were hurting!! But felt good nontheless. Walked this morning with Edith. Stayed off the stairs today. Knee was hurting pretty good. Food was good today.

Swim for 60 min at the gym pool again after work. Felt good in the pool and out. Really good. Walked in the morning for a couple laps with Edith. Stayed off the stairs today. Knee was hurting pretty good. Wasn't sure If I was going to be able to do the last chance workout Friday. Food was good today.

Was supposed to run 1.5 miles with Gene today, but I couldn't due to the fact Stephanie moved the meetings to right smak in the middle of the run time! Grrrr. So I had to bail on Gene. Felt bad, but couldn't do anything about it. I'll have to take a raincheck. Happy hour after work, told Edith I could come by for just a little bit. I kept my word, stopped by for 10 min and then off to the last chance workout.

Last chance workout KICKED MY BUTT!!! But I survived it and felt strong coming home. Hope the weight shows the work this week!

After I got home and showered, we went to a movie. I brought along ice and iced my knee and shoulder during the movie. Wall Street was a good movie, and it felt soooo good to ice that knee and shoulder that were hurting :)

Weigh in. 2 lbs down this week to 246. On the one hand it sucked, but on the other I realized I'm down 10 lbs from Aug 27th when I started this whole thing with Registration. So then I didn't feel too bad :) The moment of truth revealed that there were lots of people who pulled the same number I did this week, so I was in the middle of the pack. Gotta step up the cardio this week to get a better number. I want to be under 200 by the end of this challenge!!

The top folks were Ralph, Brian, Chantee, Laurie, and I don't remember who else! Ugh!!

Team Challenge was fun - a little 75 meter (guessing) run with a partner who is carrying a water balloon, toss to a guy at the other end and sprint back so the next couple can go. Ralph and I were partners and went 3x because we were fast and accurate - we were 3 for 3! People were coming to me after our sprint back and commenting on how fast I was. They were surprised. I think I was too. My shins were shaking when we were done with that challenge. Holy moly I didn't know if I could walk any more. But I got through it and it was awesome. Our team didn't win, but we were close. 38 balloons in to the other team's 45. Each team had 50 total.

Swam for 1 1/2 this evening before meeting Flo to watch the UFC fights and had a very low carb dinner high veggie and protein. A nice sized salad and a protein shake. Trying to really lower carbs for dinner. See how that works.

Today was frickin HOT! I didn't want to do much of anything today. We waited till the evening and then watched a movie. We also did some cleanin and laundry today. After dinner I decided to run because I felt like moving more. Problem was it was 93 degrees. Better than the 104 it was earlier today. Whew! So I got dressed, put the bodybugg on and off I went.

The loop from our house around the neighborhood two blocks up is 1.02 miles. I started off walking the first five minutes, and then told myself I was gonna run until I couldn't run any more. So then I got around to the house, woooo, felt good, told myself keep running. Got to the other side, still felt good, so kept on running. Two more rounds later I was coming in to the home stretch, telling myself girl you are NOT stopping now - you've got too much done now - your're feeling awesome! So I kept running in. Over 2.5 miles I ran. Felt pretty damn good. I have to admit the feeling when I got around the bend was a little rough on my right foot, but I pushed through that pain. Kept telling myself, you get this weight off, it won't hurt as much. Every step is another layer of fat coming off.

I felt so exhilarated when I was done, not just because I couldn't believe I actually ran for 43.55 minutes, but because my body felt so amazingly strong and awesome. I know what a runners high feels like. I want to do it again! If I get up early enough tomorrow I'll run in the morning if it's not too hot. Tomorrow's nutrition, so I don't really want to be doing anything in the evening. I'm sure I'll walk during lunch, but not outside! Hmmmm Maybe Gene is right, I'll catch the running bug? Who knows!

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